I sent it before with sources,just hour ago found time to add
some new styles.
F1 or ? btn - help on control, dbl click brings new query.
Some effects don't work on 9x. hlp file must be at the same dir as
Posted on 2002-02-18 13:23:11 by The Svin
Cool, Svin, Nice work :alright:
Posted on 2002-02-18 14:00:53 by stryker
Thanx, umberg6007.
If any questions, I seemed to explain how to use it or integrate
in Algo section.
Topic something like "Demo and utility".
Posted on 2002-02-18 14:05:00 by The Svin

Very nice utility, I think it is the best on the board.

Posted on 2002-02-18 20:02:29 by forge

Very nice utility, I think it is the best on the board.

Thanks, but here are programmers who trying to do and submit
results of much more complex work. Such as Hutch,Ewayne and KeitlIO.
I take my hat of for their job, not 'cause I couldn't do it but I most
likely wouldn't be able to find time to do it for free.
And betov of course with his heroic attempt to invent more round
wheel working on SPASM :)

As to the util, from my critical point of view the only real serious
advance against other demos is implementation of more or less proper one to many realationship between two static tables.
And short speed flag analising proc.
To see speed of queries use not mouse up and down arrow keys while focus is for example on class list box (white one)
Though in real job they would fare me for such slappy implementation :) Had there be more records I would have need
to align records, make hash tbls and don't use listbox assosiations with recordes and do sorting in my own optimized proc.
But I did it as edition to my shall and thought of it just as kind
of auxilary batch file to achive what I couldn't just using Win32.hlp
at once lookup help on flag and create style seeing all nessesary data groupped so I can see and do all I need in one glance and few dbl clicks.

I want add to it possibility of the same style watching help and
creating Message procs for choosen class group.
So I can not only create styles of choosen class but also create
sending Messages of it class with help on the messages, ability
to easy fill contant of the message etc. in a few mouse clicks.
What do you think?
Coding is not a problem - much more important is user input design, it must be very effective otherwise it uselless.
It's actually always was hardest task - to find most convinient
design for user work. Not coding itself.
It must be ascetic (the best programms don't look like cristmas tree - it gives more work for user to control it otherwise) yet flexible.
It shouldn't hide anithing from programmer (since we talk here
of asm programming not HLL, it means that programmer should
be given a full control on code creation) yet do some routin job
for him (like easier way to fill contstants and very effective way to provide help on them).

I just can't start coding before I have a clear plan on that
though in the case the user is me.
So if anybody have thoughts of UI of such programm, and
working scenario I would gratefully watch pictures and read
scenarious of what the prog behavior should be.
If it seemed to be reasonable and effective, I'll code it.

Posted on 2002-02-19 17:39:46 by The Svin
The Svin,

Sorry, but you must misunderstand me as I didn't said program,
I said utility.
Your program is where one can learn or even copy and paste useful
words without thinking of spellings, underscores lower or
upper case. And it is right in the front of your eyes.
Look at the win32.hlp how it is old and stale like old bread.
Of course you could visit Microsoft site - if you have enough
time and they hate assembly or buy SDK if you want to spend money
and time to get through zillions of pages.
Any information about assembly or even assembler was always
scarce to obtain. And here you are with a nice utility.

Hutch,Iczelion,Ewayne,KeitlIO etc. are very good programmers
and knowledgable personalities and more then willing to help.
But sometimes they miss that someone need just very basic
thing to wake up and keep going.

Otherwise you already answered self in a last post.
If such as this utility helps you in programming,
it certainly will help others.

Hutch apart from big things write little utility called bin2DB.exe,
which is very simple, but it not only help, but also give
answers and solutions to so many other programming problems.

Just keep your work, I'm very impressed.

For now "do svidania"
Posted on 2002-02-23 04:11:16 by forge