Hi to win32asm community,
I'am a new comer to win32asm (I have 2 years of experience with C/C++ on DJGPP and dev-c++, I have done several demos with directx8 and also a game 'Cyber Snake2', u can get them at http://aminouch.tripod.com,
now I would like to make a game with masm32 and directx8,
as I'm sure I've seen something like INVOKE Direct3DCreate8..
on gamedev net forums, so its possible to make dx8 games with ASM, so please help me and tell me where can I find the dx8 SDK for win32asm (Im using the masm32 package from www.movsd.com)

best regards

Posted on 2002-02-18 16:18:35 by aminouch
A search of this board will prove quite fruitful.

Or start here: www.scrontsoft.com
Posted on 2002-02-18 18:20:31 by bitRAKE
Posted on 2002-02-19 14:38:43 by stryker