Does anybody know how to place menu on a rebar control (as it is made e.g. in Internet Explorer or other Microsoft products) or how to assembly that kind of thing ??? I think it seems very cool in application....
Posted on 2002-02-19 12:48:28 by spako
i have had the same question recently in another post:


i was able to get mine on the rebar but for some reason my little sizerbar wasnt showing on the far left of it.:confused:
Posted on 2002-02-19 13:42:35 by smurf
There's a very detailed article on the Microsoft MSDN web site that you can look for, called something like "How to create an IE like toolbar and menubar"... basically, it tell you how they did it.

First, it uses a rebar. Second, the menu (File, Edit, Help, etc) is a toolbar. Then when you click a tool button, a popup menu appears and so on. Even tells you how to use the chevron from IE 5+...

Well worth the read, complete with minimal source samples to get you started.

Posted on 2002-02-19 17:41:56 by _Shawn
Posted on 2002-02-20 00:30:48 by S/390