It would be great help if you add keyboard support for moving
and resizing controls.
The way it is done in VBA IDE,
also KeitlIO has done pretty well in his RadAsm Dlg editor.

I also found that, extracting dialogs from rc file, ResEd adds
styles that wasn't there: for example in rc file where ExStyle of
dialogs where 0 it added couple bits, and always add toolstyle
to Style. It was wasting time to find and remove those styles.

Also IDs not exported, he assigned new IDs to dialog and controls
and I use IDs havily in code for me they constants with specific
numeric feature I use to make fast code (in databases I need fast
control events processing) and therefor they can not be varaibles
referring by ID. Keep their IDs the same value is very important
in my coding.

Thanks for your work.
All my critics just to help to bring to the level your work deserves,
you just need to make last inches to perfect finish.
Posted on 2002-02-19 13:34:24 by The Svin
To The Svin:

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm working on the keyboard input for several

Could you send me a couple of your dialogs that
your extracting, before the extraction so I can
check out the styles problem.

Or better yet send me the whole resource file.

Did you have a styles problem with just the
dialog or the controls also?

I'll see if I can fix the ID extract and restore


Posted on 2002-02-20 14:16:29 by Ewayne