Ok, so i know what COM means, Component Object Model.

I know COM is OOP.

But what is COM really? From what I understand so far it is some kind of OOP based plugin interface. Or is it not?

So could anyone point me to a place where they describe COM and the point of COM. I, personally, am not a Microsoft supporter hence i think COM is usless because it is another MS invention and i hate their OS (all of them), etc, etc, bla, bla. but.. who know COM just MIGHT be of some use for me in the future.

If i want to make something modular why not write my own specialized plugin interface? :)

So could someone explain why and when to use COM and how it works? the "COM in Asm" page made me no wiser but maybe you can enlighten me ;)

Posted on 2001-07-26 03:41:47 by Zynaps
COM is really, at it's most basic, a communications protocol.

It is an OS provided mechanism where one code blob (Binary Large OBject) may interact with another code blob, without knowing:

1) what language each blob is written in

2) if the blob is in process (dll) or out of process

3) if the blobs are on the same computer

BTW, go ahead, hate Microsoft all you want to. Microsoft isn't the biggest fish in the pond, it IS the pond.

Happy swimming.
Posted on 2001-07-26 19:25:03 by Ernie