Is there any posibility to find out which process create another process. For example if one program create process in any time, and then second program want to find out which process create that "child" process ?
I need this work on win xp or win2000
Posted on 2002-02-20 13:44:26 by dJed_mRaz
No. The process is at the top level of the hierarchy, so you can't tell who the parent is. However, i believe you may be able to receive notification when a new process starts, if that is of any use to you.
Posted on 2002-02-20 17:13:05 by sluggy
try looking into toolhelp32? Anyway I've been told that process
inheritance and such is a bit strange under win32 :).
Posted on 2002-02-20 17:22:31 by f0dder
Hmm, yeah, that could possibly work.

Try enumerating the processes on the system, and do a CreateToolhelp32Snapshot on each one using the TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS constant in the dwFlags parameter. Then use Process32First/Process32Next to walk through the returned snapshot.

When i wrote my first reply to this thread, i forgot that ToolHelp32 was shipped with Win2K onwards :stupid:
Posted on 2002-02-20 18:07:55 by sluggy