now I have a question about richedit, I am writing my own richeditor, as u konw, richedit can paste rtf format text, but I just wanna extract the pure text from the clipboard that maybe include rtf format text, then paste it into my richedit control, in this way, I must set the pasted text into the same font style as the other text in the richedit , how do it?
Posted on 2002-02-21 05:45:47 by dREAMtHEATER

From memory, if you use the EM_PASTESPECIAL message and set the format to CF_TEXT, it should do what you are after.

You shold also trap the keyboard clipboard keys as well so that the user cannot paste in the wrong stuff.

Posted on 2002-02-21 10:20:05 by hutch--

Had the same problem...I just set EM_SETTEXTMODE with TM_PLAINTEXT to the richedit..but then you can't do syntax-highlight with em_setcharformat
Posted on 2002-02-22 13:26:39 by Rennsemmel