Hi! everybody

When I write my own RichEditor, I meet problem about RichEdit Control.

I start with my RichEditor with specified font, I set it with message EM_SETCHARFORMAT, and option is SCF_ALL, but when I enter something in the richedit, the font looks not like what I specified, the matter doesn't always happened, just when I set Chinese font.

In my richeditor, have replace function, after executing replace command, I cannot undo replacement action thu checking EM_CANUNDO message, the return value is false, can anyone tell me why, how can I undo replacement

In addtion, I wanna my richeditor can read nfo format text, as u know, cracker like to make document with nfo files, the text in nfo files sometime is DOS/UNIX like font, but in my Chinese XP, it looks like unrecognizable character, how can I display it normally in my editor?

Posted on 2002-02-22 13:26:12 by dREAMtHEATER