I have a small toy for convering any file into the source code necessary to build an object module that can be linked into a MASM EXE/DLL file.

It will deal with any type of disk file as long as it is not too large as ML.EXE does not like dealing with DB style data over many megabytes.

It produces an ASM source file that has the prototypes for two procedures in it, the first being the stored length so it can be determined at runtime, the second being the DB format data that can be read and subsequently used in whatever way the app requires. Reads the README.TXT file here for its use.

f0dder has a better design in the pipeline that writes the BYTE data directly to the OBJ file and it should have definite speed advantages on very large files.

Now if you need this capacity from f0dder, hassle the PH*K out of him until he finishes developing it so that it is available for everyone to use. :grin:


Posted on 2002-02-23 03:04:56 by hutch--