I am lost in my code and something somewhere on the stack has got stuck... I when through 3 PROC's, with one having two setwindowLong instrustions in it. The Code has done it job PERFECLY, and i am tired of trying to find out where i screwed up at....it been a week off and on...It will not take an Debugger...MessageBox Debugging lead you to a lie sometime by getting in the way of the next step.

If i can just Re-blance or Destroy the Rest of any junk on the Stack i will be happy again.

How do you destroy any stack in your code so that everything is free...I saw some very low level stuff but i don't know which is which...

Posted on 2002-02-25 23:46:53 by cmax
Try posting your code and let people scrutinize it? A couple days
back I went through some buggy code a friend had written, which
locked up 9x very badly but ran like a charm on 2k. It turned out
he had a proc that took a HWND parameter (which wasn't used
by the proc), but when he called it he simply did "call myFunkyProc".
masm missed this (it should have caught it if he had used invoke?),
but he had simply stared so long at the code that he wasn't able
to spot the bug. And I started looking at the wrong parts of the
program, because it smelled like a buffer overflow. Wehoo :).
Posted on 2002-02-26 00:14:42 by f0dder
I know it's hard to beleive but i been building this project for 3 years this coming march and it got near 200,000 lines of code ALL in ONE page (the code section). It take me weeks to pull out one function and rebuid it for checking or what ever... That is the only reason why i can't send examples. One example will be 10,000 linesssssss or better. Dame near the the most important part project. It's a bitch for me to keep it all in mind. It give any debugger PURE HELL (no anti debugger code is even in it yet)....Now i am tring to break it all down to an lower level all because of you guy optimizing WARS...meaning coding in your, Svin, BitRAKE, and other Kings styles. Why, For Speed and FlawlessNess, and because this Board have spoided me.....Thats Why...
Everyone will get it by July i hope....

How about the Seek and Destroy Stack Thing....That will be enough for now... I alway find my bugs but i got other things to get to and with that i can always find it later... I am tried of looking now... This one has beaten me for a while...IT's 97.9% Tight as Hell thanks due ONLY to the Community. When I am finish it GOT to be 100.1% or i'll just trash it if it's not...

ASM make you craze like that :)

I talk to much....

See ya

Posted on 2002-02-26 00:57:34 by cmax
if there is one thing i have learnt, it is this: get your app going, and get it in a good stable state before optimising it. It is better for your sanity in the long run. Otherwise you don't know whether a new bug is the result of the code change you just made, or was there all the time.

And when i get wanky bugs like what you are describing, i go for a walk. It might take a while, but inspiration (and the answer) always come through, and like f0dder says, sometimes they are so simple they are head-slappers.
Posted on 2002-02-26 04:13:33 by sluggy
You guys are right. It make no since to cover it up now, than let another bug jump on top of that down the line.

I'm just getting to anchist to finish it before i start hating it. Well sluggy, i guest i just get back to it.... I already know it's only one line somewhere in that pit of hell. I Will Find it, thats the only way if i want to call myself an True Assembler and be proud of what i done some day.

Thanks for the Wake up Call
Posted on 2002-02-26 09:18:14 by cmax