Here's a little program which I haven't finished yet.
Once the program is running, almost any window that is created or that gets the focus will be set to 22% transparent.
This uses the layered window style introduced in Win2000 and which is also available on WinXP. If you don't have one of those two OSes, don't bother with this program.
Anyway, the effect is quie cool and the program could be used as a very nice video benchmark. Give it a try, especially if you have a high screen resolution, a good video card, and a fast processor.
I run my comp in 1400x1200 mode with 8MB video and 750Mhz P3. Starting a transparent Excel window takes a few seconds for it to draw fully.
So give it a try and tell me what specs you have and how it behaved in general.
On my comp, only WDasm 8.93 crashed because of the transparency. Every other program worked fine.
My comp has only one bad effect, namely that the desktop gets painted a dark black-grey.
Initially, i made it run through all the windows upon starting, so the taskbar was transparent too. That was quite neat.
To make it do that again, simply uncomment the commented line in the code:

push hWnd
call pSLWA
; invoke EnumWindows, ADDR EnumWindowsProc, 220

invoke RemoveHook
invoke PostQuitMessage, NULL

FINALLY, if your computer squeaks to a halt, don't blame me!
Posted on 2002-02-27 19:37:24 by Hel
nice feature! :alright:

I think it will be more useful if you will make this effect for the programm's window only .. or maybe for an ownerdraw popup menu?

Posted on 2002-02-28 11:27:21 by Rennsemmel