Hi to all,
well i'm working on COM object and i'm using it in a vb program
Its a dll activex that creates some threads 4 its own work
But i've a little problem
when i'm closing the form it gives to me a strange error
a status acces violation coz its trying to read some crap address
The error stays into TranslateMessageEx() called by the DefWindowProc() of my vb form
The strangest thing is that it happens only when i run one of my functions that creates some other threads that terminates regularly without any errors and deallocating all
How should i find the real error in my component starting from the clues i've got: the TranslateMessageEx() fault ?

Tnx a lot
Posted on 2002-03-01 09:56:15 by NikDH
Its still me
Sorry 4 double posting but i discovered another dettail about
that strange error
It appears even when form lose and reget focus
What should it be ???
What kinda bug in my dll activex should make the form behave in such a strange way ?
Should it be related to the fact that i block one of the thread of the prog and i unblock it after a while ?
How can i implement a sync function into my dll activex without affect the stability of the vb prog

Tnx a lot
Posted on 2002-03-01 10:53:55 by NikDH