i've been trying to put a dialogbox in a resource file the problem is
everytime i do that with vc++ it puts lot of shits in the .rc file so i cant compile it and need to open the .rc with notepad and remove all it put there, is there a way to get around with it ? if not which resource editor would u recommend me ?

thanks in advance.
The Keeper
Posted on 2002-03-02 12:14:43 by The Keeper
If you have installed VC correctly you shouldn't have problems with compiling the resources.. However it may be missing afxres.h, try copying that file to the directory the .rc is in.

Posted on 2002-03-02 12:32:52 by Thomas

Ewayne's (http://asmedit.massmind.org/ under the Other Programs section) got a program called ResEdit, haven't had a chance to try it out yet but that might work better for ya keeper.

And since we're on the topic of resources, I've been having trouble getting the version resource thing to work... When I recompile my res and program, I right click on the exe and it doesn't give the version tab... Any suggestions?

Posted on 2002-03-02 13:11:37 by JamesE
Hello Thomas,

yes afxres was missing, i copied it to program dir then it asked for winres.h i copied and it asked for another..how many files do i need ? :/ is it normal ?

JamesE : thanks i'll try it, about this version thing i dont know sorry :/ i thought only by adding a version would show in the .exe.

The Keeper
Posted on 2002-03-02 13:37:39 by The Keeper
I forgot I used a slightly modified version of afxres. Try it with the file in the attachment.

Edit: Also add resource.h from the masm32 package to your rc's include list.

Posted on 2002-03-02 13:58:49 by Thomas
JamesE, attached is an .rc that I use for version info. It works fine for me. I had some problems with it at first too, and I found that I was missing some constant values that were not in resource.h. This should work for you. Just ignore the non-version stuff in there since I just pulled it out of one of my project folders.
Posted on 2002-03-02 14:38:14 by rdaneel

Error RC2135 : file not found: TESTWIN

TESTWIN is the name of the dialog as in \masm32\example32\resdlg


whats with wrong that ?
Posted on 2002-03-02 15:36:40 by The Keeper

Give this a whirl, VC sets the paths for the include files internally so when you try and build a RC file built with the Visual Studio IDE from elsewhere, you will have problems with files not being available.

Look up the directories that have files like AFXRES.H and similar and then build the RC file with a batch file that sets the path variables in the environment.

SET INCLUDE=drv:\path\include\

This may do the trick for you.

If there is more than 1 directory required, just add another line.

good luck with it,

Posted on 2002-03-02 16:51:05 by hutch--
Thanks rdaneel,

Just tried the resource out really fast, haven't edited or looked at the differences to what I had since I'm knee deep in OpenGL at the moment, but it works great!!

Thanks again,:alright:
Posted on 2002-03-02 21:16:31 by JamesE