Is there an masm directive that will include data from a file
something like
db file.dat
Posted on 2001-07-27 18:32:03 by Ralph
Posted on 2001-07-27 22:59:55 by Ralph
FAsm Can: :)

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Posted on 2001-07-28 05:32:36 by eet_1024

There is a tool in MASM32 for converting a binary file to DB format, its called BIN2DB. Just open the binary file in it and you can paste the contents into your assembler file.

Posted on 2001-07-28 07:23:33 by hutch--
In My Opinion, a "bin2obj" program is much better than bin2inc.
It's much faster (the assembler doesn't have to chew through possibly
HUGE db statements), you don't get the bug with masm choking
on long db statements, and... it's generally so much peachyer.
I made a bin2coff tool (pretty hackish, but it works). If there's any
interest, I could post it on my site.
Posted on 2001-07-28 09:37:59 by f0dder