Hi to all,
is it possible to implement a hidden interface in a dll activex component ?
What i wanna is to build a dll activex that will provide a standard interface and dispinterface so i can use it in my vb programs
and a hidden interface which should be used by an other
client (in this case not vb but another process) to wake up the instance thread and this hidden interface shouldnt be seen
from vb but only accessible by the other process
Is it possible ?

Tnx a lot
Posted on 2002-03-03 08:00:49 by NikDH
If you define the name of an interface with an underscore character, such as _IMyHidden, then VB will treat it as a hidden interface.

It's not really hidden, as even VB has an option to "show hidden interfaces," but it's close.

Another way is to leave it out of the typelib entirely, then VB will be completely clueless, but if the other program knows to look for it, it can always QueryInterface for it. You'll just need to define the interface for the other process some other way (such as an inc or h file).
Posted on 2002-03-03 15:27:13 by Ernie