ok, i have an exe server i made...and after a user connects to it, it calls my library, now how can i get my library to send data to the connected client without loading winsock in the library etc.
Posted on 2002-03-03 23:47:07 by m00p
Actually, since dll's run in the same process as your exe, you've already loaded winsock and you can just pass the socket handles to your dll.
Or you can write procs to do the sending in your server exe and then pass the offsets of these functions to your dll (dll's can also call functions in the .exe that loads them).
Posted on 2002-03-04 11:01:34 by Qweerdy
hello everybody...
there a question....
how can we design a server which can upload a file or download a file through windows telnet utility...
Posted on 2002-03-05 07:43:38 by processingspeed
Telnet doesn't have any file-transfer stuff built in, so what i'd do was UUENCODE the data file and send it to the telnet client (which has logging enabled) and then UUDECODE it from the logfile... however this is very hacky :)
Note that telnet is a client-server system and windows telnet.exe is only the client, so you'll have to have a telnet server too (never mind if you already knew that).
Posted on 2002-03-05 09:58:55 by Qweerdy
For binary data transfers you can use netcat: it's "a sort" of telnet, just a little better.
Posted on 2002-03-05 18:24:48 by acab
Comparing Netcat to telnet doesn't do it justice... NetCat can be anything you want, from a (very) simple webserver to a portscanner to a finger server etc...

However I agree with you: use Netcat! It's a very handy program if you know how to use it. Btw, it can even be used as a Telnet-ish server if you bind it to command.com or cmd.exe (if you run NT)
Posted on 2002-03-06 00:54:32 by Qweerdy