I just wanted to know if theres an ebook version of this book somewhere out there. if yes, where can i get it? :p
Posted on 2002-03-04 14:06:49 by darester
opengl.org i believe has a "red book" that online... or at least has a link to it...

But you don't get much better than nehe.gamedev.net

hope it helps

Posted on 2002-03-04 14:10:11 by Sliver
Hi Darester,

Romka very nice. FAQ, Docs, OpenGL Source+ Examples + free 3dmodels + OpenGLgames + libs.... everything...


have nice days,
Posted on 2002-03-04 17:39:03 by CYDONIA
Download the full tutorials in pdf, (the big pdf).

It has OpenGL Red Book (plus other things).

Posted on 2002-03-05 12:42:32 by dxantos
thanks for the replies. these sites are pretty cool :p
Posted on 2002-03-09 07:33:43 by darester