Hi there !!

Just finished writing my Quick mulisection notepad
that help me write program code and edit some texts in
other text editors .

Hope you'll ned it too
Souce included for your smart editing

URL: http://bytemania.virtualave.net/clipline/cliplinesource.zip
~ 80 Kb
Posted on 2002-03-04 18:23:18 by Zebio
Compliments Igor, an interesting concept that seems to work well.


Posted on 2002-03-04 18:33:58 by hutch--
Thank you for your nice words. They keep me going
My next step is optimising my code to faster as posible

I'm also wait for commens from other members of this nice board

Posted on 2002-03-05 00:32:25 by Zebio

My words might not be as valued as hutch's word are but, you code looks very clean cut, and in order. I could see how you could optimize it alittle, but looks strait forward. Nice Code :)
Posted on 2002-03-06 02:15:55 by Jag
I'm just added some feature to my prog
named Autohide and command line start parameters keys who have interest please check out
prog with source
here: http://bytemania.virtualave.net/clipline/cliplinesource.zip

Zebio, Igor ::)
Posted on 2002-03-06 19:22:36 by Zebio
Forgot add that that autohide can be set from popup menu
and comand line params is "prog.exe s "= run compact
and "prog.exe m" = run in tray.
Seems I must write some readme.txt but my bad english
dont let me do it Sorry

Posted on 2002-03-06 19:31:55 by Zebio