Maybe this is a small bug in RadAsm:

1. Go into option --> Editor colors
2. if you double click on one of these Cx-Buttons, the last keyword will be deleted! (for example if you double click often on the C0-Button the last 10 keywords aren't in the list anymore even if you press "cancel" after do this ..) and the worst: No more highligting of the "deleted" words!

It's not as bad as that but better fix this :)

Have a nice day!
Posted on 2002-03-06 12:52:26 by Rennsemmel
Hi Rennsemmel

Thanks, I've found this bug some days ago. It has been corrected.
Keep your bug findings coming. It helps me improve RadASM.

Posted on 2002-03-06 13:48:39 by KetilO
Redasm cant read russian charset:(((
If it is possible plz write how...
Posted on 2002-03-07 09:52:51 by Duker
It happens only after ; . I can see russian as in a simple text editor. I mean without highlighting.
Posted on 2002-03-07 10:07:40 by Duker
Hi Duker

I am not shure what I am talking about, but is Russian charset something you need to switch to as you type? I mean mixing ansi and Russian. Does it work the same way when you open a saved file?

Posted on 2002-03-08 07:20:27 by KetilO
The same thing when I open a saved file
Posted on 2002-03-09 01:49:39 by Duker