Hi All !

I have the 2 question to ask .
1Q.) Is the some one have writing realy working and fully functional screen saver on masm32 ?. I'm look some code but all of them buggy or use partial function .

2Q.)My old dream is creating program that can path himself to store users settings , because I hate multifile programm or then some smal programm writing to register especially . Long time ago I have writeting program that can be able write to himself and correct himself CRC , but I use some stupid algoritm ..Just explain steps.
1step program run
2step copy himself to another program name
3step hide himself run your copy and close himself
After that 3 steps copy of original can path correct CRC and every thing with original .
Is the some one have Idea how to path himself without copying
himself ?:confused:

I'm not programming on masm32 for the long time because was busy with other biz and litle out of latest news but allways have interest to masm32 .

All answers welcoming .
Posted on 2002-03-07 06:21:30 by Zebio
writing a screensaver is easy... just rename your exe
to scr and look for a couple of parameters given to you
by the windows-screensaver-manager. it's like

/s (or nothing at all) = normal mode

/c = just show a configuration popup-window

/pXXXXX = preview-mode. the windows-handle given to you
by windows should be behind the /p param... this should be
very hard to implement in asm... but nobody forces you to
react if you get this param.

hm writing to your running application should be impossible,
...maybe with some dirty tricks but i wouldn't do it this way, just
store everything in the registry or in a seperate file...
Posted on 2002-03-07 06:41:18 by mob
I think what screensaver is not simply regular exe
SS must use some special function that listed in Win API
like ScreenSaverProc , DefScreenSaverProc and use additional lib
to compile or you get some buggy product .:(

Posted on 2002-03-07 07:29:42 by Zebio
screensavers are normal pe's, believe it or not...
mh special api's, yes, there are a few of them but
i think you'll not need them... but i could be wrong,
i never wrote a big nice screensaver, just little
Posted on 2002-03-07 08:58:47 by mob
i have to question you wanting to write your settings back to your exe image on the filesystem.

I understand your annoyance at the way some apps mis-handle or even abuse the registry, but that is the way you should still do it under Windows. There is nothing wrong with storing your stuff in the registry, just make sure you clean it up properly in your uninstall app. Writing your settings back to your exe file and then adjusting the CRC is dodgy, and is a technique probably only employed by virus writers (i am not saying that you are a virus writer though).

And as for your aversion to multi-file apps, i can understand that too, but once again, that is the way it is done these days. By separating out ofeten-used or common functionality into dlls, you can make the upgrade/bug fix process very simple, the user only has to replace individual files, not the whole app. Also, even if you compile your app as just one pe exe, it is still multi-file, because you need to link to various Windows dlls like user32.dll, kernel32.dll, etc.
Posted on 2002-03-07 18:30:01 by sluggy
Writing settings back to your .exe file is very dodgy, and requires
your current "clone" method of doing it. While I'm no particularly
big fan of the registry, it's the best way to handle settings (for most
applications) when running under windows. You can do global and
per-user settings very easily...
Posted on 2002-03-07 18:45:26 by f0dder