When trying to reassemble the quikpad project, i get assembly errors regarding the function "Write_To_File", although i didnt change anything.
it says "conflicting parameter definition" in line 444 and with this "too few arguments to invoke" whenever trying to call that function (in lines 510/535).

quikpad is in the example2 folder of the masm7-package.

Thank everybody for help.
Posted on 2002-03-07 10:17:52 by phueghy
It's because there's a duplicate function proto'd in masm32.inc which requires 2 params. You can either comment out that line in masm32.inc or rename the Write_To_File proc in the quickpad example.
Posted on 2002-03-07 11:38:20 by Will
Thanks for finding this problem, I will fix it for the next service pack, in the short term, renaming the procedure in the source code and prototype is the safest way to handle the problem.


Posted on 2002-03-07 15:13:49 by hutch--
thx 40h4, renaming the proc solved my problem.
thank you all
Posted on 2002-03-08 05:59:08 by phueghy