does anyone know where i can find a good paper on how to implement structured exception handling in ASM?

Posted on 2001-07-28 13:40:50 by SubHuman
I've never needed to get into this... but i did see an example on Iczelion's site.. (I downloaded it and checked it out.. but never really got into it..)...

Here is what i have in my little archive...

Posted on 2001-07-28 13:52:38 by NaN
Posted on 2001-07-28 14:09:13 by NaN
The info provided by NaN is enough to get you busy ..
but just in case you are a SEH addict here's some more top notch stuff:

There might be some overlapping between my files and NaN's but that won't harm you :)

Pay special attention to for its a document written by the truly techno master Matt Pietrek


Posted on 2001-07-28 15:01:49 by latigo
thanks for the URLs guys
Posted on 2001-07-29 22:02:56 by SubHuman