i included debug information when compiling va linking test program:

tasm32 -ml -m5 -zi test.asm,test.obj
tlink32 -Tpe -x -v test.obj,test.exe,,import32

after, i load test.exe into softice by symbol loader but symbol loader always says "error: no debug information found". does sice support tasm32? if yes, how to debug tasm32 programs in sice?
Posted on 2002-03-10 20:17:31 by vkdt
I remember softice needs a .pdb file. I don't know how to produce a .pdb file using TASM. I've searched this one before and it turns out there wasn't enough information on how to. :( I've tried searching a lot of newsgroups for answers to this one but can't find one.
Posted on 2002-03-10 23:33:40 by stryker
if i'm at home and i don't forget you, i'll reply how to do it ;) (i'm @ school now)

Posted on 2002-03-11 04:45:26 by roeldebikkel

i use the following make file to do this! it works really fine.

NAME = window
OBJS = $(NAME).obj
RES = $(NAME).res

!if $d(DEBUG)
!message Debug info: TRUE
!message Debug info: FALSE

c:\tasm\bin\tasm32.exe $(TASMDEBUG) /kh100000 /mx /m4 /z /q $(NAME).asm

c:\tasm\bin\tlink32.exe -x /V4.0 /Tpe /aa /c $(LINKDEBUG) $(OBJS),$(NAME),, c:\tasm\lib\imp32i.lib,, $(RES)

the commandline for make looks like this
make.exe -B -DDEBUG

the -B option is used to overwrite the old files. i think its more comfortabel to use the make file, i also use it under masm.
Posted on 2002-03-11 12:04:07 by adapix
I have no problem debugging Tasm32 win apps with SI.
I use:

Tasm32 /ml /z /q /zi filename.asm
Tlink32 /x /c /Tpe /aa /v filename.obj

After that, I just translate it in the loader and then I load it.

Btw; I find it annoying being forced to write the import library's name every time I'm linking. I prefer the use of the INCLUDELIB statement instead. :)
Does anyone know if there's a way to include a resource file in a similar way with Tasm? Every now and then I'm forgetting the commas between the .obj file and the .res file when I'm linking...
Posted on 2002-04-03 07:15:37 by Psychedelic Illusion
@tasm32 /zi /m9 /ml main | find "*"
@tlink32 /Tpe /aa /c /v main,,,c:\tasm\lib\import32.lib >nul
@"\Program Files\NuMega\SoftIce95\loader32.exe" /load /translate yourname.exe

is what i use
Posted on 2002-04-06 15:08:48 by lifewire