I didn't find MAPISendMail in any .inc file, so i used LoadLibrary to put mapi.dll in memory and to get the address by using GetProcAddress. But the only thing i got is 'unresolved externals symbol '_MAPISendMail@24'.
Can you help me?
Is it better to use Winsock?
please answer me at ale-sil@softhome.net
Posted on 2001-07-28 19:57:37 by Unregistered
I belive MAPISendMail loads up your default email program and send your email that way. use winsock if you want total control and MAPI if you want simplicity.
Posted on 2001-07-29 09:08:13 by Zynaps

I coded the self-made winsock method.
Sometimes MAPI is not available or
wired. Search the internet for the files:

pcmail10.zip (MAPI example)
s_mail.zip (WinSock example)

Both are in assembly. Runs great.

Bye Miracle
Posted on 2001-07-30 09:01:49 by miracle
I could not find a source for s_mail.zip
and I'm not sure I found the correct pcmail10.zip

Could you post the source here for me and the rest?


Posted on 2001-08-26 12:13:38 by farrier
try get here...


s_mail.zip.... i can't find....

hoppe u like... ;)
Posted on 2001-10-17 09:16:42 by coder