Is it possible to implement functions from VB runtime libs in my programs? there are no include files for that.
Posted on 2002-03-11 08:01:14 by Donnerwolf
Please don't post questions in the Source Code forum.
It's for Algorithms & Source Code only. You can ask your questions here in "Main" and if someone replies with a good source, we'll copy the thread to the source code forum. Thanks!

And for your question:
It's not possible, as far as I know except with the use of some COM.
And why the hell do you wan't to do it??? :grin:
Posted on 2002-03-11 08:08:31 by bazik
Use the VB runtime libs from asm? Are you out of your mind? I almost
think this thread would be better placed in The Heap ;P.
I guess you might be able to link with the VB runtime libraries, but
whether or not you can just call the functions directly or they require
a bunch of initialization...

and again, *WHY* would you want to call the VB runtime?
Posted on 2002-03-11 08:26:54 by f0dder

If the value of having VB runtimes available to your programming program is the desired goal:
Please consider developing in VB and then calling out to your MASM code in a .dll file.

There was an article on VBPJ on DEVX, on how to implement Assembly lauguage into VB. I warn you, it was awkward at best and left the programmer very few debugging options when something went wrong.

Enjoy your work, P1
Posted on 2002-03-11 08:46:25 by Pone