Hi i'm a total newbie to assembly, i just got masm32 and was reading Iczelion's tutorial and he said to compile the .asm file using the command ml /c /coff /Cp (filename).asm so how or where do i enter this command? thanks for your time :grin:
Posted on 2002-03-11 21:03:22 by novacat14
Welcome to the community novacat14!:alright:

If you use QEditor.exe (in the masm32 folder), it's easy just to be a little lazy and click the Project menu, then Build All.

As for your question about where to type the command, you could use a bat file or use dos prompt, however less typing has less typos so I just use the mehtod above

James Emmrich
Posted on 2002-03-11 21:32:29 by JamesE
ok i did that nothing happened??! am i stupid or ignant? ok this is what i do i open qeditor thing i then open the .asm file i want to assemble so i then went to tools and then build all?! but nothing happens it doesn't even give me an error message. Perhaps it's building the thing but where is it hiding it?

sorry to be such a bother

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Posted on 2002-03-11 21:47:36 by novacat14
One thing I have noticed is that qeditor doesn't like spaces in file paths, but this usually pops up a dos window with an error message... I haven't had time to play with hutch's new version of the masm package but usually what happens is it builds all the example files after installation so if they build, there should be no problems... not sure what could the problem... do any dos prompts pop up at all?
Posted on 2002-03-11 22:12:09 by JamesE
Ok i got it but now i'm running into link errors??! why god why??
Such a simple task as compiling a program should not take this long!
Posted on 2002-03-11 23:39:37 by novacat14
Ok tell us:

1) What your compiling... Ie source or specific tutorial lesson
2) The link errors
3) Both the ml.exe and link.exe build commands you used...


ps. Once you get this right the first time you may not have it happen again...
Posted on 2002-03-12 00:14:53 by Sliver

The idea with the MASM32 package is to try out the template file first and see if it builds correctly. This will verify if the installation is correct. If it is not, re-install it and make sure all of the include files are built in the DOS box. It will display if the installation has worked properly at the end.

If this is OK, have a look at the format of existing examples in MASM32 or run the code wizard Prostart to make a test template to play with. Once you learn the setup and how it all works, you can more or less write whatever you like, its just the normal learning curve with this type of code.

Good luck with it.

Posted on 2002-03-12 05:00:01 by hutch--
Arigato Hutch Sama ...... thanks i'll try it ... is there a tutorial out there that will make this learn curve a bit easier?
Posted on 2002-03-12 08:28:47 by novacat14
Hey silver i used the msgbox.asm file in the second tutorial... i then use the build all command and it said it couldn't find the .lib and .inc files??! But when i compile an example from the installation it works fine?!

Also how do i make a Blank template that i can use?

Once again i apalogize for all the trouble :(
Posted on 2002-03-12 08:38:12 by novacat14

Iczelion and I have slightly diferent coding styles and it is reflected in the way we build files. In the short term, try the stuff in the MASM32 example code and the versions of Iczelions tutorials included as they have been set up to build from the editor.

Once you get the swing of how they are built in MASM32, you can set up whatever you like.

Good luck with it.

Posted on 2002-03-12 09:06:22 by hutch--
...here's a short tutorial on making a MASM32 program to work:
First of all make sure that your MASM32 wasn't move after the installation to somewhere else on yor hdd.It must be necessarily in the parent directory: c:\MASM32 or d:\MASM32, etc. Otherwise the build commands in Project menu of Qeditor won't work (assuming that you use Qeditor).After you edited your program, to make an executable you must necessarily to save your .asm file containing the code (let's say you save with this name: first.asm). Than you just select the "Build All" command from the Project menu and in the directory where you have saved the first.asm file you'll have the executable with the same name : first.exe (if there is no error during compile or link process).
If you have a problem with that then post another message :))
Also be sure that when you try to build another program(... an example from MASM32 package for example) that the lines where the .inc files or the . lib files you need are included into your project have the right path to the directories where all those files are.If you have MASM32 in parent directory(such as I explained above) then the lines will always look like this:
include \MASM32\INCLUDE\windows.inc ;for .inc files and
includelib \MASM32\LIB\the_library_you_want_to_include.lib ;for libraries.If not so then you type the lines properly.
Good luck and work hard!!

P.S. :Excuse my English
Posted on 2002-04-08 17:08:00 by M.B.