I had to reinstall my masm32 (not by choice). i just happened to notice that none of the lib files (in \m32LIB) include Masm32.inc and they do not all have PUBLIC declarations for they're procs'!

Masm32.inc has all the protos in it is needed to make the procs public. It would be simple to just include it in all lib files.

Am I seeing this correctly or what?

G. Falen
Posted on 2001-07-28 22:57:31 by gfalen

if you are using the source files from the service pack 2, I rewrote all of the modules to NOT include MASM32.INC so that there was no dual inclusion with module declarations.

None of the modules had any problems as they are but I found that if you passed structures, you could end up in trouble so I changed the system in the MASM32 library. All of the code is the same and it all works fine, the library modules do not need to be declared PUBLIC, they are available in the scope that they are called from.


Posted on 2001-07-28 23:38:11 by hutch--
Is this because Masm makes all procs public by default (which I just read in the .masm32hlp file)?

G. Falen
Posted on 2001-07-29 00:32:34 by gfalen