I have finished the custom button control and it seems to be working OK. I have attached a working demo that also has the documentation on how to use it at the top of the file.

It is now a library module with source provided and I need some feedback on how the control performs on different systems. I have built it to work on win95b upwards.

I am not sure if the DrawEdge function is optimum for the button appearance. It works OK but I could replace it with a function from the MASM32 library that does this type of framing with more control.

Any feedback will be welcome as I am going to put this control in the MASM32 library when I am satisfied with it.


Posted on 2002-03-12 08:43:21 by hutch--
The buttons work fine on Win98 SE.
Posted on 2002-03-12 09:19:08 by Jurgen
Looks good on Win2k sp2 !
Posted on 2002-03-12 19:15:24 by anon
This is how it looks on WinXP with skins on. As you can see, it even keeps the custom button borders :)

Edit: The fuzzy text is just because I have ClearType enabled and JPEG compression doesn't seem to like that... on my screen it looked perfectly sharp.
Posted on 2002-03-13 02:29:47 by Qweerdy
works on win98se :) but it has a bug :(
Posted on 2002-03-17 03:30:36 by NEMO

Thanks for the bug report but the buttons being visible through the status bar is normal, it happens with the normal toolbar buttons as well.


Posted on 2002-03-17 05:14:08 by hutch--
NT 4.0 WS SP 4.
Works OK.
Posted on 2002-03-17 05:43:34 by The Svin
ooh, i didn't know that, thanx.
Posted on 2002-03-17 16:45:19 by NEMO
That's excellent hutch. :) Can't wait to see the code. Thanks for posting that other example (the one for Sudeer) as well.
Posted on 2002-03-19 00:15:26 by Will
I DID post the code. :) Its in the LIB directory that is created off the directory that has the example.

Posted on 2002-03-19 01:56:20 by hutch--

Thanks hutch. You know me.....always looking for an opportunity to prove my ignorance. heheh (I was immensely tired when I looked at the example last night.)
Posted on 2002-03-19 10:14:55 by Will
Works fine in XP.

Did you subclass the system button catching the WM_PAINT messages, or did you reinvent the wheel for this one?
Posted on 2002-03-19 12:01:57 by iblis

If you have a look at the code for it, its a completely new control that creates its own window and handles its own messages.

You have a lot more control that way and don't have to worry about defeating system default behaviour.

At least it sounds like it is working OK on a range of different systems.


Posted on 2002-03-19 17:27:20 by hutch--
Yeah I have a bad habit of not looking at others' code, especially when I see a bazillion source files - call it laziness or just call it avoiding confusion. ;)

I've never really had any trouble with the system buttons. As long as I get a BN_CLICKED notification I'm happy :D

Nevertheless, good job on the custom button! I admire your patience and tenacity for creating it. I'm much too lazy to ever code my own controls. :x
Posted on 2002-03-19 17:40:13 by iblis
It works properly in 98se and looks very pretty!

Posted on 2002-03-25 06:53:56 by Mike