I think the problem is when people really get to the nitty gritty of things, I mean they research about the names and such... A average guy like me doesn't even know what aquila or iblis means. It all goes down to the eye of the beholder, if you perceive such things then you perceive such things. Guy on drugs doesn't always mean he's on drugs, iblis doesn't always mean a fallen angel or satan... if you look closely enough, hutch--'s real name is steve hutchesson (If I spelled that correctly), so there is no real problem about that name except if we really "string parsed" and check their definitions. :grin: Another problem here are the ones who perceived it...But sometimes we have to respect others. If iblis registered that name without knowing his name means satan or fallen angel then there's nothing wrong about it. In conclusion, let's try to register names that aren't obvious, if we didn't know what that name means and others perceived that it's bad then we have nothing to worry about. We really don't know the intention why the other party chose that name, so that always leaves a gray area that we can't prove...

I got my nick from one of the villains of the game I created. He was the lord of the underworld named stryker of death.

And before I forgot, the last rule of the forum!!!.
Posted on 2002-03-17 13:36:09 by stryker

I personally don't care what anyone calls themselves but in a public forum that is subject to scrutiny from the idiot fringe, we do not have the luxury of breaking the law or supporting activities that are illegal.

I have known a few guys who used various versions of Satan, Lucifer and other various fallen angels and I don't see the problem but when you get nicks like "cR4cK0r" or "h4CkOr" or "smack_freak" or "child_molester" or whatever else flouts the law in many countries it brings the forum into disrepute.

My nick is an abbreviation of my sirname and Aquila is almost right, its semantic content is related to rabbit keepers. It is an old Scottish sirname from the McDonald Clan.

Aquila is a name found in the New Testament in Greek and is the name of an evangelist who worked with his wife Priscilla.

I would normally ask anyone not to offend others with specifically religious names like "Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna etc ..." as it may offend people of different faiths around the world but I see no problems with many of the names that have been commonly used from historical religious literature.

Semantic : Jesus = Yeshua = Joshua.

Joshua is a common name in Western societies so it would be no problems where a person calling themselves Jesus would probably offend some people of the Christian faith.

General idea is to have a unique nick that does not get the forum into trouble by association with illegal stuff, the choice is up to the person who uses the nick as to what it is.


Posted on 2002-03-17 16:11:00 by hutch--
And not to mention my first name is joshua :)
Posted on 2002-03-17 16:20:02 by stryker
just kills me to know that my thread went off topic. hey i got masm and just got myself tasm. which one do you all think is better? i already know the syntax is different... =(
Posted on 2002-03-17 16:50:54 by Guy on ASM
Start with MASM, if you want a little hardcore later on go with TASM. Remember TASM is no longer supported by borland.
Posted on 2002-03-17 17:10:06 by stryker

I asked my local Lebanese shopkeeper who Iblis was and he said its more or less the same concept as Satan or the Devil in the early Christian literature.

Basically the bad guy who opposes the good things and leads people astray.

I don't know if the Vedic period literature has any equivalent to the Devil as it is structured differently and from a different origin.


Posted on 2002-03-17 21:34:44 by hutch--

Using this material I could argue that you should change your name because of its religious stigma. I could say by using this name you are indirectly pushing the ideas of Christianity upon the religiously diverse visitors to the WinASM board... - but, I wouldn't, because the name is obscure, and such an argument is unjustified without irrefutable proof.

Of course, when I advise you and hutch change your nicks, I was joking. But as for Iblis, this name have more strong religious stigma than 'Aquila', because who was Aquila? Some unknown tent-maker. Not every Christian will ever know about him. But Iblis is much more known figure (at least for Mohammedans).


I think the problem is when people really get to the nitty gritty of things, I mean they research about the names and such... A average guy like me doesn't even know what aquila or iblis means.

Aquila means 'eagle' in Latin, Iblis is a name of fallen angel in Koran. Your problem of don't knowing what Iblis is because of your living in Canada. If you were average guy from mmm... Lebanon, you would know what is it :tongue:. As for researching about the names, personally I don't see any problem, because it is rather interesting. And 'such' is interesting sometimes too :).
Posted on 2002-03-17 23:07:29 by Aquila
Snaps for whoever figures out my nick' -- and why I use the nick'.
Posted on 2002-03-18 04:00:26 by eet_1024
Aquila, my apologies. Sarcasm doesn't come through clearly on the internet ;)

Hutch, as I said before, I didn't get the name from the Koran. In the story it came from Iblis was a djinn (genie). This whole Koran meaning is new to me.
Posted on 2002-03-18 06:21:41 by iblis

I would not worry about it, I was more than happy to learn something from my Lebanese friends.

Anyhow we need a few genies around here. :)


Posted on 2002-03-18 06:29:08 by hutch--
man i've been focused all this week. got thru the first 2 chapters of this extremely long book. i'm going over the components and stuff of a computer when i get home in chapter 3(right now i'm in school =)) this stuff is getting so much easier. cant wait till i can make programs and maybe even games that provide a purpose :grin:
Posted on 2002-03-19 08:49:12 by Guy on ASM