Do you know those programs that allow you to drag a "target" cursor to any visible window, then they highlight the window with a special border and when you let go of the mouse button they grab various things about whatever window was under the mouse?
How would I do that??
I tried loading a cursor for the mouse and then I used SetCapture, but that still keeps the default cursor when the mouse is outside my window. When the mouse is over my window, the cursor shows the hourglass.
Can someone please tell me what the various steps are and what APIs to use??
Posted on 2002-03-12 22:07:52 by Hel
Try setting the class cursor to your new cursor for each window? Then when the cursor moves outside of the window switch the old class cursor back.
Posted on 2002-03-13 01:41:19 by iblis
Take a look at this site

and download the source for WinSpy
Posted on 2002-03-13 01:58:05 by ante
Posted on 2002-03-13 09:06:52 by Hel