Under certain circumstances I display a dialog box on screen
and want the user to enter one letter then hit the OK button.
I'm dancing all around it but can't get it to work. Can't get the
letter entered and before I enter the letter I have to hit the
enter key. That I should not have to do.
Maybe it's the way I have defined the dialog resource?

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Posted on 2002-03-15 10:10:24 by shankle
>Maybe it's the way I have defined the dialog resource?

hm better post some lines from it :)

the dialog who pop up...how do you get the wm messages ?

normal your question is very easy ,mean not hard to code.

bra.... wm_command
jmp wmcommand


what happend when user pressed the ok button....
like close this dialog :)

i simply forget first that i had to make a new "handle" for the new dialog ,or i get all results from the first "handle" ....ah i see my english would not help much :(

if you dont get it ,post the sources and i take a look :)

Posted on 2002-03-16 06:57:54 by syntax_error