ok i am a newbie at asm, i know the very basics of asm, but not much in masm32 programming, i just make trainers and stuff type of asm. ok heres my Questions

#1 i want to put a value returned by a api call in eax, how do i do that?, i know how to pass data to IT(api) but i dont know how to get data from it.

#2 i need to know how to show that number in eax in a windows message box as a string.

#3 i need to know how to export data for a dll i want to make, and what compiler switches needed.(masm32)
Posted on 2002-03-15 19:45:10 by Qages

; Return value
1. invoke APICALL Parameters etc ....
mov YourVal, eax

2. Use the conversion procedures in thr MASM32 library to convert a DWORD to a string for display.

3. There are a couple of examples in the example code for MASM32, you need to write an EXP file that has the exported procedures in it.


Posted on 2002-03-15 20:00:44 by hutch--
Posted on 2002-03-15 20:09:19 by Qages

YourProc anyParameters etc ....


invoke GetTickCount
mov Ticks, eax

; tick count is now in DWORD variable "Ticks"


YourProc endp


Posted on 2002-03-15 20:17:46 by hutch--