how can we use facility provided by ocx file in masm32 ?

for example in visual basic we can create tabbed pane, progress bar, status bar easily just by clicking and dragging after we add the suitable component in the toolbox :)
Posted on 2001-07-30 00:51:04 by newbies
Well, first you go to MSDN and read everything there related to client site interfaces. "Inside OLE" describes several.

Then you impliment every one of these interfaces in some sort of object you can pass onto each ocx you want to re-use. These objects act as a proxy between the ocx and your window.

Is there any example code? Well, I was going to plaste a link to "The Makings Of An OCX Container," but the site is down.

Probably permanently. Oh well, it was in C++ anyway.

If I seem not too enthusiastic, it's cause that's how I am. OCX's are a cool way to reuse code, but not for asm. ASM has too much of a speed advantage to toss away like that.

And if you don't care about the speed, write it in VC or VB.

(Maybe someone else who feels differently will get a client site control to work. There has been some work this way, nothing completed that I've seen).
Posted on 2001-07-30 19:10:30 by Ernie
Heh, I should have checked YAHOO before I submitted:

The Makings Of An OCX Container
Posted on 2001-07-30 19:11:55 by Ernie