Anyone knows a good comparition table/doc/tutorials on masm and C++/C functions?

I found once one site that compare C++ Functions and Masm functions. Like allocmem (C++) to Something in masm -----sprinf (C) to wsprintf (masm) etc....

In other hands, functions that exists in C or C++ code that have an equivalent in masm.

I am looking on the web, but i didn't found it yet (I lost the old link)
Posted on 2002-03-15 23:11:37 by Beyond2000!

I think what you will find if you bothered to benchmark both C and asm algorithms is a lot of variation in both directions. Some of the C runtimes are out of date and it seems that Microsoft no longer bother to update them but there are some C++ capacities that are very good, the STL sort routine is a very fast one and hard to beat in well written assembler.

With asm algorithms in functions, it will depend very much on how well they are written, good ones are fast, small and flexible but some will be a lot slower if they are not written well. What you will tend to do in C/C++ is use the standard stuff unless its not fast enough and then you will write alternatives in assembler if you need to.

Posted on 2002-03-16 03:02:40 by hutch--

go to
there are some nice c proc studies in some of the journals
Posted on 2002-03-16 09:04:46 by roy

I am not trying to make a hole assembler fuinction of a C++ one.

I am looking just for the names.

I read once that some functions used on VC (that can be applyed to masm) has equivalences in C++ and vice-versa.

For example about memory allocation routines:

On Clib function is:

malloc, calloc, realloc, free

The same functinos in Win32 (MASM) are:

GlobalAlloc, GlobalReAlloc, GlobalFree

sprintf (In Clib) is wsprintf (Win32)
strcat (In Clib) is wsprintf (Win32)

and so on.

I don't want the fole function...just to know as many as possible Clib functions that can be equivalent to Win32 (masm).

A table with equivalent functions can be usefull to buitl a translator or at least a good tutorials that can be applyed to masm.

If someone has a project in C that use theses kinda functions (Clibs), it can be easilly translated to least what concerns theses functions.

And that will decrease the size of the file, and the main original C coding can have similar variations in masm.

I found the tutorial here

and other;EN-US;q99456

I am looking for some more

I know there are more, because i have them once, but my HD f...up...last week and i lost them.

I was buyilding a databse equivalences tutorial and send to you, just in case you think they can be used in the next version of masm, or can be used on other way..i don't know...i just thought it would be usefull have a document with equivalent functions that can be ap;lyed on masm (using the API of course, or creating new libs)


Tks roy

I was looking for this link too.
Posted on 2002-03-16 12:10:51 by Beyond2000!

is a good read. ;) I contributed to it although I wasn't mentioned. :x
Posted on 2002-03-16 13:33:52 by iblis

really good

another Clib function that has equivalent on win32 ?
Posted on 2002-03-16 13:48:20 by Beyond2000!
Here is the file containing these functions.

I posted them on my site too (just created last week).

P.S.: If anyone else knows more functions that are not listed, please, post them .

File is here
Posted on 2002-03-17 18:54:40 by Beyond2000!