i have a huuuge block of vbcode to convert, my main issues are that i need to use doubles and arrays. i need to know how to utilize a double and how to make a dynamic array. :)

btw if u want to helpme convert my vb code id be glad for the help
Posted on 2002-03-16 01:54:18 by Qages
It's already been here. Use Heap function if your size will less than 1 MB, or VirtualAlloc else. About vb code - compress it and put here. I'm sure, someone help :)
Posted on 2002-03-16 03:29:05 by masquer
With the arrays, you are going to have to write the array handling code yourself. The usual practice is to use a base register (maybe esi) to point to the base (starting address) of the array, then use another register to hold the offset into the array. To make the array dynamic, there is two ways:

- alloc enough memory at the start of the code to hold the maximum size of the array. This may seem wasteful, but makes for quicker code during array handling and growing. This is the method i would suggest, unless your array is going to be really huge.

- alloc the minimum space the array requires, then when you grow the array, alloc another chunk large enough to hold the grown array, and copy it over to the newly alloc'ed chunk of memory, then free the old chunk. Quicker at startup time (marginally), more efficient with memory, slower runtime speed.

I will be glad to help you convert your VB code, but of course i am not going to sit here and do it for you (you don't learn that way :) ). Just post bits of it when you get stuck.
Posted on 2002-03-16 03:45:35 by sluggy
ok i knowhow to use floats, now how do i make an array?

Invoke GlobalAlloc,0,LengthOfNumbers
mov ArcTangent5,eax ?
so i just do
mov ecx, ????????
i dont know pleaze help

ArcTangent5 has to contain LengthOfNumbers dwords(503)
and i need to be able to put and pass data from it.?????????
Posted on 2002-03-16 17:02:37 by Qages