Do somebody knows where I can find some tutorial about
how to use serial communications in win32?
I want to use it to learn something about how to connect
one computer to another, using modem and transfer a
file, thus I must use the OVERLAPED system... It's not easy,
at least for me:grin:

Thanks to everybody... I'm very happy to be with you all:alright:

Posted on 2002-03-16 11:34:48 by ssaguiar
Look in the MSDN Library for "Communications Resources". You'll find functions and references there that describe how to connect to a serial port and stream data through it.
Posted on 2002-03-16 13:38:57 by iblis
I apreciate very much the answer.
But I want, in fact, to learn how to use the overlaped
serial I/O. In the syncronous way, I did something before,
with just little data, so it worked very fine.
Now, I pretend to do something with a point to point
connection, to tranfer images (one frame a time). As
each of those frames have more or less 8-10 KBytes,
I'll need to to in asynchronous mode with overlaped.

I read the source code of the BizzarreCreations (the
terminal one), but could not understand how overlaped
I read also the sdk docs, but there is no much info about.

In any case, if anyone could help, I'll apreciate very much.

PS: What is done of the bizarrecreations site?

Posted on 2002-03-17 17:24:53 by ssaguiar