sluggy, good words - totally agree.

Teaching people how to use computers and software will really help your understanding of the average user. Even if you have a great deal of introspection to analyse your own learning process, there is no substitute for the feedback of teaching many others.

Where I work the manager doesn't understand the process of the 100+ people they manage. Yet, they direct the evolution of the software they use. They go through many revisions, while the kinks are worked out - costing tons of money. The solution IMO would have been to have the programmers actually work the job of those 100+ people for a week or so. Instead they create a piece of crap - just tacking on features to impress the other managers and their bosses! :(
Posted on 2002-03-17 00:34:57 by bitRAKE
Finding and displayng data on files dublicates on local machine.
Both chellenging and usefull.
To be well done it involves a lot of carefull work from both algorithmic and ui+features points of view.

If it's not enough - let me know - I head tonns of ideas and no time to do it.
Once I tald about one of it (flags-opcodes reference - analyzing tool) asking for help on ideas of desing (not coding).
Nobody gave any thought.
Posted on 2002-03-17 02:18:08 by The Svin