How can I detect what verision of DirectX have been installed on computer?

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Posted on 2002-03-17 07:33:35 by Mike
Create a IdirectDraw1 object and then use QuerryInterface with the desired DX version on it :)

start from smaller interfaces and go up until you fail, or hopefully find the latest DX8/9 interfaces :)
Posted on 2002-03-17 08:42:10 by BogdanOntanu
And what's about



Just open this key, and query the value of "InstalledVersion".
On my machine here it's "00 00 00 08 00 00 00 01" (8.1, REG_BINARY. )

Posted on 2002-03-17 09:45:21 by bazik
Afternoon, baZik.

Under that key, I haven't got an "InstalledVersion" binary value.
I do have a "Version" string of "", though.

Afternoon, Mike.

According to the DXSDK, the best way is to use the method described by BogdanOntanu.

There is a sample proggy called "GetDXVer" in either the "\DXSDK\samples\Multimedia\Misc\GetDXVer" or the "\Microsoft Platform SDK\Samples\Multimedia\Misc\getdxver" folder. Take a look at it, as this'll show you what to do.

Posted on 2002-03-17 15:25:24 by Scronty
Yes, the second method is better but what's "4." at the beginnig of the string when I read from "Version" key?

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Posted on 2002-03-18 04:05:16 by Mike