First Question, What are important things to do, so that my programs will work on 2k/xp as well as 9x.

seacond question, I have a small program that is the first one I wrote. I have probably asembled/linked the thing 100+ times with small changes. occasionally It will start giveing me an error on exit. i can ignore it and after a few more canges/builds it will disapear. or i can change the ExitProcess back and forth betwean "invoke ExitProcess,NULL" and "invoke ExitProcess,eax" if i do that and rebuild it stops the error on exit. for a while. then i might have to ghange it back. its really throing me for a loop. Its not urgent as I Know how to stop the error lol but I am really interested in what causes this strange behaviour.
Posted on 2002-03-18 18:11:38 by dionysus
nt/2k... follow the guidelines :). Don't do dirty stuff, remember to
preserve ebx,esi,edi in callbacks if you modify them. Remember to
return zero in dialogprocs if you don't handle the message. If you
use the registry, know that non-administrators usually have
pretty restricted access, so best to only store settings in HKCU.

As for your other problems, this sounds weird. Perhaps a leak somewhere?
Perhaps an obscure bug with your code?

Oh and btw, it should be "ExitProcess, 0" not "ExitProcess, NULL".
It will end up exactly the same in the executable, but for clarity it's
better to use NULL for pointer values and 0 for integers.
Posted on 2002-03-18 18:35:05 by f0dder
alright, I've looked through it again and again. I changed a call that wasn't supported on all versions. It still wont work. I already had one person look at the code, they said it was ok, but when they compiled it wouldnt work for them either. If someone who knows about it wouldn't mind looking over the source for me please e-mail at its small.
It loads, displays the window and all the child windows/buttons. but the only button that works is Exit.
Posted on 2002-03-19 17:14:36 by dionysus