how can i play (mid,wave or mp3 ? ) , but i want to choose right or left (speakers )

and i want to play 4 waves at the same time ..
can i do that ?

Posted on 2002-03-19 19:21:28 by eko
cant edit the msg .. and dont want to start new theard .

i'm changing my question a little

i dont need right or left.. just how can i mix couple of music files
how can i play more than 1 music file in the same time ?

Posted on 2002-03-21 18:01:52 by eko
Try looking into DirectSound - it has support for multiple sound buffers.
Hardware sound mixing will be fast, but (at least in the past) the
software mixing routines in dsound were slow, and a lot of people
wrote their own. Sound libraries like bass or fmod do mixing as well.
I think BASS supports MP3, and wouldn't be surprised if fmod does
as well. Midi is handled as a separate audio channel (at least on
all sound board I know of), so there should be no additional work
involved playing a midi file at the same time as digital wave.
Posted on 2002-03-21 18:42:50 by f0dder