Im having trouble getting my program to work in 8 bit mode (256 colors), it looks like madness. I want the program to work on one palette but i can't get it select the colors.
I used CreatePalette then i use SelectPalette to select it in the tempDC (seems to work), then RealizePalette and the return value is 0 (no colors were selected)?? does anyone have a example that works or know of a tutorial?
Posted on 2002-03-20 16:59:03 by Aaron
you need to select the palette into the DC of your main window. Did you mean that with tempDC?

And did you fill the palette struc with this:
	mov	[eax.palVersion], 0300h

mov [eax.palNumEntries], 256
... than it should work
Posted on 2002-03-21 07:52:07 by beaster