Are there any docs / examples for programming two mouse devices in the same box ?
Posted on 2002-03-20 18:22:56 by micmic

I could be wrong but as far as I know, there is no way of doing it unless you had two different pointing devices that did not use the same addresses and services.

Posted on 2002-03-20 22:57:35 by hutch--
We have computers that uses a touch screen and mouse at the same time. The mouse is plugged into the ps2 mouse port(supported by the MB hardware), the touch screen gets a serial port. I see no reason two mice won't work.
Posted on 2002-03-20 23:19:45 by SFinegan
In fact, there is some info on this subject: Look at the Analog+ site, especially the Multiple Mice page, and the working configurations page.
It seems that we need DirectX 8 and two USB mouse devices for everything to work. I was hoping to find some info on doing it without DirectX...
Posted on 2002-03-21 05:51:38 by micmic
win 98 has built in for 2 usb keyboards.
it may be able to read 2 usb mice.
plug in and try.
you do have to intercept code in program to direct results to where you want

good luck
Posted on 2003-07-11 22:18:34 by dhicks586
Unfortunately, the standard Windows message architecture assumes there is only one keyboard and only one mouse for the whole system. Without DirectX (or similar add-on), all keyboards act together as a single keyboard, and all mice act together as a single mouse. If you look at the standard keyboard and mouse messages, you'll see that there is no parameter for identifying which of the possibly many mice or keyboards the message came from.
Posted on 2003-07-12 00:16:18 by tenkey
This may not be what this is all about but when i use to use Delphi3 I founded a code on-line that gave me two mouse with the extra one placed anywhere i wanted it. I lossed all or either deleted it long ago. It was a Delphi thing which is really a kind of carzy asm i figure. But i did see it in action quite a few times so at lease this much can be done some how in asm i believe.
Posted on 2003-07-12 16:47:13 by cmax
I have two mice at all times on my laptop, the IBM knobby mouse that works very well and a USB optical mouse. Not sure how they manage to get them working so seamlessly but it is certain that it can be done.
Posted on 2003-07-12 18:42:43 by donkey
The question I have is:

Do you want two mice controlling one or two cursors?

One cursor: this is built in. There are separate driver instances for each mouse, and each instance sends messages to the system. The messages are sent to the same (system) message queue.

Two cursors: As far as I know, this is built into DirectX only. You need to be able to identify which mouse is moving, so that you can move the correct cursor.
Posted on 2003-07-13 17:13:26 by tenkey
i have 3 pointing devices in use simultaneously, usually, on my computer. i have a regular PS/2 mouse & a Wacom tablet that allows up to 2 pointing devices on it to be used simultaneously. The tablet pen & mouse can operate independently from my PS/2 mouse, but control the same cursor. All three can be used at the same time for other things... i can "paint" a virtual model with my tablet, rotate/zoom with my tablet mouse, and move the model /w my regular mouse. unfortunately, the Gimp still doesn't support my tablet's pressure sensitivity :( it doesn't use all my pointing devices at the same time, but it will switch tools depending on which one i am moving.
Posted on 2003-07-13 23:03:40 by jademtech