All my programs are written for masm, but sometimes I meet any
interesting source texts for tasm, in this moments I need tasm.
I have Turbo Assembler 5.0 (February 1996), but it does not understand some instructions, e.g. cpuid. What version of Turbo Assembler can you recommend me and where can I purchase it or download?
Thanks, Mike:confused:
Posted on 2001-07-30 10:41:24 by Mike
Your probably going to get the same answer that you got from the VB board.
Posted on 2001-07-30 11:26:28 by ChimpFace9000
search it on

keyword: tasm update
keyword: tasm latest version

and look very carefully.

CPUID only works on .586
Posted on 2001-07-30 11:53:21 by disease_2000

see if you can find the macros that do the later instructions for TASM, if I remember correctly Agner Fog had some macros on his site for adding later instructions to earlier assemblers.

Posted on 2001-07-31 20:38:53 by hutch--