Hi, I just wanted to know what assembler you use (if you use one)...

Thanks for your vote. (And sorry if it has already been posted).

Posted on 2002-03-21 07:11:07 by Vom-bonjour:-()
I guess I am biased, I use the MASM32 package myself.


Posted on 2002-03-21 07:42:33 by hutch--
Can I pick 2? :grin: TASM and MASM
Posted on 2002-03-21 14:58:29 by stryker
Afternoon, Vom-bonjour.

I use hutch--s' masm32v6 package for the main chunk of inc files, as well as the Feb 2k1 PSDK (cd ordered from MSDN) for general libs,and the DX8.1 libs from the DX8.1 DXSDK.

Like many (?) people here, I've also added to my copy of windows.inc to include some stuff which I needed (which may actually be in the masm32v7 windows.inc file, now).

Posted on 2002-03-21 15:14:53 by Scronty
Of the listed ones, I prefer NASM.
Posted on 2002-03-21 15:54:15 by Maverick
no, sorry, you can't check more than one choice.

hehe, there is one funny guy who write all in binary !! :alright: :alright:
Posted on 2002-03-21 15:58:52 by Vom-bonjour:-()
Aww, shucks!!! :grin: I'll just have to go with binaries then. :grin:
Posted on 2002-03-21 16:01:04 by stryker
Posted on 2002-03-21 16:04:02 by Vom-bonjour:-()
If I would Know how to get a non-hutch package, I would. I find most of that stuff quite useless. The only things I need are the bin, include, lib, and M32LIB folders. It's just wasting download time and HDD space.

No hard feeling hutch. :)
Posted on 2002-03-21 22:42:55 by Hel
spasm and hutch's masm32 :)

But I own basically all the assemblers just incase :)

Posted on 2002-03-21 22:59:19 by Sliver
I use MASM 6.15 which isn't in hutch's package. But I voted for hutch because of WINDOWS.INC. The other INC files were created from Visual Studio 6, also using hutch's L2EXTIA utility.

I also use MASM 5.1 from time to time, for old DOS projects.

But I use the mainframe assembler the most. Why isn't it listed?
Posted on 2002-03-21 23:20:24 by S/390
I use the XP DDK, RadASM - but I have 2gigs of asm source code from the wonderful members of this board and other asm programmers. I do have Hutch's MASM32 set-up, and the INC files were generated by his tool. You can't do better than all the examples that come with MASM32 and this message board - there is no easier way to learn Win32asm! :alright:
Posted on 2002-03-21 23:34:12 by bitRAKE
Thanks people for your vote. For the ones who have not voted, go on... Thanks

Funny people, you're here::

(taken from protools' site)
Posted on 2002-03-22 06:23:32 by Vom-bonjour:-()
windows.inc from MASM32 (only thing I use from MASM32), and ml.exe
and link.exe from visual studio .net.
Posted on 2002-03-22 07:09:18 by f0dder

- but I have 2gigs of asm source code from the wonderful members of this board and other asm programmers.

Can you compress and send it to me? :)
Posted on 2002-03-22 08:04:35 by bazik

Can you compress and send it to me? :)
Sure you want it? It is a mess, and there is much duplication. Some is compressed already, so it would still be quite large. I don't think I'm ready to do this yet, sorry.
Posted on 2002-03-22 10:30:56 by bitRAKE
I use long time TASM (since DOS) but i use sometime MASM.

have nice day,
Posted on 2002-03-22 19:16:38 by CYDONIA