1. I am trying to make a GUI for one compress program that works from CL. I have problems. I don't know how to make a valid command to run this. Example:

uharc.exe a test *.*

- a - add to archive
- test - the name of archive (program add extension)
- *.* - all files in currect dir

How to process this in my program? With ShellExecute or?
And how to get cl info and show it in my program (RadASM example when you compile asm or rc file)?

2. I use simple way to show tool tips with stringtable. Is it possible to have multiline tool tips that way (multiline stringtable)?

3. Thank you for reading this

Posted on 2002-03-21 13:17:40 by stanks
You swapped the lpParameters and the lpDirectory in your source, which could be a possible source of error. Following is what i think you intended to write:

invoke ShellExecute,hMainWin,ADDR lpOperation,ADDR UHARCEXEFile,addr lpTempParamsBuffer,0,SW_SHOWNORMAL

Also, you can use the lstrcpy and lstrcat functions to fill your buffer:

invoke lstrcpy,addr lpTempParamsBuffer,addr CreateAdd2Archive ; writes an "a" to the parameter
invoke lstrcat,addr lpTempParamsBuffer,addr SpaceBar ;appends a space (" ") to the parameter, if you create a null-terminated string consisting of a space, i.e. SpaceBar db 20h,0
invoke lstrcat,addr lpTempParamsBuffer,addr FileOut ;adds second param to cl. e.g. "a test"
invoke lstrcat,addr lpTempParamsBuffer,addr FilesIn ;adds last param to cl. e.g. "a test *.* "

That should work. however, i have not actually tried to implement this into your program, yet. Hope this helps!

Yay! My first post :)
Posted on 2002-03-21 17:45:26 by jademtech
Hi jademtech

Thank you for your reply. I will try this today.

Posted on 2002-03-21 23:23:15 by stanks