anyone know any links for information about the TOC of a CD?
Posted on 2002-03-22 04:19:21 by Foxx
Protection : Illegal TOC (Table of Contents)
Backup Solution : This protection used to be a problem as all CD-Recording software returned with an error message and didn't allow you to make a backup. Now most of the programs (Nero, CDRWIN & Prassi) offer an option, like the Ignore Illegal TOC in Nero option, to by-pass this protection.
Protected : Commandos, Gangsters, Monaco GP Racing Simulation 2 , Nice 2 & Tombraider 3

Protection Info
This protection can be recognized when looking at the CD tracks. Usually there seems to be a second Data track (usually after some audio tracks). The CD ISO standards don't allow this thus the name Illegal TOC. In most cases the second Data track is pointing to the first Data track or parts of another track.

About all I know about it...

Posted on 2002-03-22 04:23:36 by Sliver
thanx but that's not what I'm looking for

My interest is not in copying cd's

I'd like to write a program (5 year plan??) that is able to rescue cd's with a buffer-underrun error

So it's kind of copying cd's but not really
Posted on 2002-03-22 05:56:41 by Foxx
You'll probably need to buy yourself a copy of the Philips CD-(somthing) standard.
They are also known by colours (Red book is the pure CD-Audio, there is a yellow & blue book too I believe which covers the mixed & data CD type standards).

They're around $140 US from the ISO people I belive, which is really too much for my liking :(

If you find a web-based copy of the standards, please let me know! I really want to see the red book, as I had a plan to write a full software CD player.

Posted on 2002-03-22 06:36:03 by Mirno
I think you'll feel dissappointed afterwards since the cost of a burnable CD is so low that any costs/time spent on writing something to recover a failed burn will never outwheigh the cost of a blank one.

In 5 years DVDR will probably cost 1 ? in our FNAC Antwerpen :grin:

Otherwise good luck :alright:

Where in Belgium do you reside? :)
Posted on 2002-03-22 07:17:53 by Hiroshimator
I will look into that.

In the meanwhile you can check out

Think you'll find some answers there!

Will try too write this program anyhoe

I'm from L.A. Poldsburg
Posted on 2002-03-22 07:30:37 by Foxx

In 5 years DVDR will probably cost 1 ? in our FNAC Antwerpen :grin:

5 years? Isn't this a bit too long? 1 year would be more realistic in our fast growing computer-high-tech world :)
Posted on 2002-03-22 08:01:58 by bazik
I was a NEWBIE (silly word) :alright:
Posted on 2002-03-24 06:22:04 by Foxx
I found a kind of a red book, it's not as complete as the rela one but you'll find the information useful. And it's legal (free download).

Since I can't upload the file for you, I will give you the URL where to find it

the file you need is ECMA-130
Posted on 2002-03-24 11:09:06 by Foxx