Where can I get a app to make .rc files? I guess the "name" of such apps is resource editors... Where can I get one for free, to create windows, menus, etc?
Posted on 2001-07-30 14:55:57 by dilau
I know a site, I told someone on this board (people said there was not all legal, true, do as you want, but not all is illegal), just go to http://www.programmerstools.com/
Posted on 2001-07-30 16:50:58 by Vom-bonjour:-()
You can try using Lcc-Win32 (it's a C compiler but it comes with a Resource Editor) or Symantec Resource Editor.

Lcc-Win32 Homepage:

Lcc-Win32 direct link:

Symantec Resource Editor (from Hutch's page):

Hope this can help you.
Posted on 2001-07-31 10:20:07 by rir3760