This is just to show what I'm working on, as well as to share the code because I think it already has some usefull snippets.
Please read the comments in the asm file for a description.

Note that my algorithms for string parsing are highly unoptimized, of course you're welcome to optimize them :o

Zip file contains the RadASM project files.
Posted on 2002-03-23 09:42:44 by Qweerdy
Qweerdy, very nice job.
Posted on 2002-04-14 00:11:01 by iblis
I think this is very quality work :alright:

Posted on 2002-04-14 13:29:19 by Sliver
You really need to check for a socket error in your listening thread... Otherwize people (like me) who just shut down the telnet client will crash your program :)

invoke recv,hSock,pBuffer,BufferSize,MSG_PEEK
cmp eax,0
je Exit
je Exit
mov esi,pBuffer
mov ecx,0
Posted on 2002-04-14 17:02:04 by Sliver
Thanks for the feedback :) I will get back to working on this now that my EnumFiles proc is finished, since I really needed that for file operations. Check it out in the Algorithms forum.

You really need to check for a socket error in your listening thread...

Re-doing the listening proc is on my To-do list, I want to make it more of a socket ReadLine proc so I can use it for input even when doing other things (for example asking "Retry, abort, ignore?" iwhen doing a "cd A:\" to an empy floppy drive). Also I want to be able to handle arrow keys and backspaces dynamically instead of handling them when the string is complete. But right now I think I'll focus on getting more commands in.
Posted on 2002-04-15 01:52:06 by Qweerdy