hey folks,

I just wrote a telnet like client. The program connects to a server logs in but than i get asked for the terminal type. I tried to send "ANSI" because the servers terminal type is set to ANSI.
But it keeps asking me for the terminal type, what am i doing wrong ?
Posted on 2002-03-23 11:07:40 by Olli
Have you checked the rfc? When asked the terminal type is ANSI the correct response or maybe there is a code used to indicate it.
Posted on 2002-03-23 13:05:18 by Quantum
yes i did,

but i the actual problem is not the telnet server itself i think, the problem comes from linux.
Here is what i get:
Posted on 2002-03-23 13:16:09 by Olli
You need to send the term type that you want to use, try sending tty50 or tty60 to see what happens. I coded a telnet client a few years ago, and found that the login, password, and term type were the only important bits to negotiate, everything else i could reply with the DONT_CARE constant.
Posted on 2002-03-24 15:50:12 by sluggy
I just came back from from holidays so i didn't post yet. Well, I tried all the suggestions u made but it still don't work. I'm kinda stuck here. I reread the telnet RFC tried all the terminal types and console connections, but it still don't work. Maybe u have some more ideas.

Thanks in advance
Posted on 2002-04-11 02:08:18 by Olli
Have a look at the following Microsoft article

The TELNET Protocol

It's a basic description of the TELNET protocol.
Also look at RFC 1091 Telnet Terminal-Type Option

Posted on 2002-04-11 03:58:58 by Hawk
tried 'vt100' or 'linux' term types? Also, do you handle the non-text
control codes?
Posted on 2002-04-11 08:28:53 by f0dder