Dear friends :

In the Resource editor of AsmEdit, when you are designing
a new resource in visual mode, as you drag the new resource
item in the resource editor, the dimensions of the new resource
are show in a tooltip style, near the cursor.

Where can I found some information on how this is done?

The cursor position is read in the MOUSEMOVE message with
the GetWindowRect and then with GetCursorPos, and the
position will be in a RECT structure, I supose.

The text near the cursor seems to be draw using a window
created with a DIALOGEX Resource and subclassed.

I wish to use such a routine to show the dimensions of my
image capture window as it's been resized.

Can somebody help me? I will apreciate very much any help.

Posted on 2002-03-23 19:43:23 by ssaguiar
never used AsmEdit. and i tend to stay away from graphics.
invalidate a box and then paint DC to paint the text? hopefully someone else will reply now!

IV of Iczelion's tutorials may be helpful.
Posted on 2002-03-23 20:21:26 by jademtech